Eleni Cooks Crete Logo Design

What happens when you have dreams about expanding your business and want to enter into Canada? You start with a new logo, that what.

Eleni _Cooks_Crete- Logo 13After reading one of my brand development articles written for Food Bloggers of Canada, Eleni convinced that we were the right marketing communications agency for her, contacted us to help her build her cooking class business. Eleni explained that she and her husband had a thriving culinary tourism business in Crete and wanted to expand into Canada. That’s right up our ally, we love strategy and planning! To start with she wanted a blog style website, one that looked friendly, personal and a compliment to her business website for her culinary tourism business – Cretan Miracle Diet & Cuisine Company .

This also included creating her very own, personal logo, one that includes her love of pink and green colours and showcasing the olive oil, an important element in Cretan cuisine. The logo design is simple so that it is clear on all forms and mediums. We also made the E as a stand alone for future brand image positioning, like M for McDonald’s.

For your logo design, contact us today!

Your thoughts?

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