The Friendly Leader, eBook

The Friendly Leader eBook

It’s today’s leadership!The Friendly Leader Cover2 - The Marketing Boutique


  • Knowing your authentic self
  • Why gratitude matters
  • It’s okay to ask for help
  • How being positively happy will get you farther in life and how it helps you to become today’s authentic leader.
  • Concrete, actionable items that you can use right away
  • Intentions Into Action: Goal Setting Template to help you get started
  • Guidance: Eight weeks of guidance via email to help you every step of the way.

The Friendly Leader answers the question many people have when they realize it’s time for a change in their life and in their career: Where do I start? Change is difficult, very difficult, How To Be Today’s Leader offers simple, attainable, and most importantly, a maintainable approach to create authentic leadership. The content in this e-book is refreshing, easy to understand, and you can implement your personal leadership goals right away.

The Friendly Leader reveals how being authentic, true to who you are as a leader is a lifestyle choice based on passion and truth and not a fashion trend.

The Friendly Leader is about creating authentic leadership: You will discover how your level of happiness is in your own hands and how this affects your path towards authentic leadership. We guide you and by taking small steps, you’ll get happy and create the life you’ve wanted.

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