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Branded! 2.0 Online Course

  • CHAPTER 1: Research & Analysis, Brand Elements +Brand Action Plan
  • CHAPTER 2: Competitive Analysis, Who is your client? +Brand Positioning
  • CHAPTER 3: Strategy Development, Price & Promotions +Packaging to sell
  • CHAPTER 4: Tactical Development / Building Your Campaign +Editorial Calendar
  • CHAPTER 5: Social Media Marketing, The Online Superstars! +Content Marketing

+ 5 week class, weekly-access to modules on a private, pass-protected website.
+ Access to course content for an extra 6 months after Week 5.
+ Weekly Email Prompts to encourage to work on your Brand Action Plan.
+ Easy-to-use Research & Analysis template.
+ PDF of all resources shared throughout the eCourse.
+ Strategic Brand Plan template, developed during ecourse*

Unlimited places available.

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Our online Branded! e-course will guide and inspire you as you begin to learn about branding concepts and understand where your services and products are in your market place to better compete and stand apart from the competition.

Who’s it for

Applicable for online business, traditional companies, and entrepreneurs, this ecourse offers a quick learning platform on marketing strategy, sales planning, social media marketing and more.

Professional experience: Average 2-5 years in business as well as recent promotion to Sales and/or Marketing Manager level, Marketing Coordinators, start-ups and online business.

What you get!

  • You will come away with the confidence to build your business.
  • Gain a solid understanding of brand fundamentals, including what you bring to your market.
  • Marketing tools including a brand strategy plan, applicable for traditional, online or both!
  • Knowledge in price sensitivity
  • Campaign Theme Ideas
  • Helpful tips on how to build your online readership
  • Solid understanding of brand development
  • Insightful analysis on the packaging
  • Useful Research and Analysis Template, Sales Forecasting Template, Editorial Calendar Template
  • Brand Action Plan Template complete with additional tips and insight right in the template!
  • Guided lessons to develop your own customized Strategic Brand Plan for your business!


We will show you how social media works, how to get noticed by the media and the ability to assess what makes your service or product unique in today’s competitive market place.

The self-guided Branded! e-course is packed with lots of helpful tips, brand lessons, practical templates to get you started quickly, visuals, articles and ideas.  Branded! e-Course will expand your brand knowledge every step of the way.

True expertise!  The value of our ecourse is based on our formal education in Marketing, 13 years and growing in the marketing field, plus strong working experience in many industries, large and small companies.  We offer students coursework combining high-level theoretical knowledge, insight based on many years in the industry with practical information on strategic marketing and brand development.

New Marketing Techniques.  Social Media, and other marketing techniques has propelled some individuals to online success gaining six figures in income.  We will review a few of these techniques as well as how to use them.


  • Time to complete your assignments, minimum 2 hours a week
  • Pens, pencils and a notepad.

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