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We are thrilled to bring you the Branded! 2.0 version.
Totally updated, with expanded, fresh content and improved course layout.

BRANDED! Branded! is a 5-week, brand management online course, with actionable ideas with a single focus, for you to create your very own Brand Management Action Plan! During the 5-weeks, you’ll do your very own competitive research, define your competitive advantage and even create that single important statement that will make you stand apart from the competition.Branded-Updated-The Marketing Boutique

You still get those awesome Templates and other great downloads, all geared to help move your business into a competitive brand position because in doing so, you’ll gain the advantage of maintain your price, your market share and shortening the sale cycle.

This brand management online course is applicable for anyone, not just for businesses and entrepreneurs! Take advantage of our many years in the biz, this course gives you insight, how-to’s and tactics to help you plan, promote and measure your business more effectively.

The Result

You come away with your own Brand Management Action Plan based packed with immediate actionable ideas, a solid understanding of your competitive position, your unique value to your industry and how you can create a brand leadership position. Whether you are an online business, entrepreneur, health & wellness, retail shop or traditional B2B enterprise, Branded! Online Brand Management Course offers high-impact concepts and tools where you can apply to any business.


Actionable ideas that you can implement right away as you build your Brand Management Action Plan.

Sales Forecast Tool along with other valuable concepts and tools you need to to help you build your company in a competitive position.

Competitive Analysis know-how! The foundation for any successful company!

Easy-to-use Research & Analysis template.

Access to course content for another 6 months after Week 5 should you not have completed your Brand Management Action Plan!


Who’s it for?

Branded! is applicable for anyone and specifically developed for businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking for added support and insight on how to build a strong & unique brand for their business.  If you’ve been in business for a couple of years but feel that you now need either a consultant, clearer direction or a formal strategic brand plan that includes better brand positioning, competitive analysis and communication/social media programs to help you move to the next level for your business, then this is the course for you!

We know you are busy and results oriented.  That’s why your course content is available once you’ve registered.  To make sure you get the most out of the Branded! e-course and that you follow the e-course as it was intended, we guide you through your session with weekly lesson plans and assignments.

Plus, this course is available for a full 6 months after the course has ended to give you time to complete and implement your very own actionable Brand Management Action Plan!

This is a self-paced course. If you are new to online teaching platforms, contact us and we’ll help you!

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