From B2B trade show management, client appreciation events to themed company parties, we offer the creativity, skill and expertise to make your event successful! Whether your challenge is in sales reporting, increasing sales lead generation or how to introduce a new product to an important trade show, we are your team!

Our experience includes working globally including Japan, South Korea, England and Australia and each trade show brought their own particular and unique challenges when it comes to booth size, organization, lead generation, target audience and selecting the right promotions.

We’ve had many successful trade shows in North American market. We’ve had the pleasure of creating many corporate events, press conferences and trade shows, from east to west and north to south and from Seattle to Arizona and from Montreal to Florida.

Our strength is in pre-planning.

Our know-how is in brand building.

We understand and create content that makes sense to your audience.

And, we will work together with your marketing and sales team.


Where most people think “they will see our booth at the show” and that’s it for planning, we’re the calculated noisemakers, competitive cheering squad, and brand focused communicators that let your target audience that they simply need to be at your B2B booth or event!

Passive trade shows are for conservative companies that don’t take chances. But for every opportunity you take on creating a memorable event, your brand will become more powerful. We are not talking about having a drone giveaway when you are a manufacturer of nutritional supplements; we take the time to understand your brand, key messages, and target audience to develop the right promotion.


We’ve even written an e-Book about how to build a B2B trade show that brings in results! The TRADE SHOW MANAGEMENT AND EVENT E-Guide is a concise, how-to booklet. It offers tips and promotional strategy, brand development, measurement and more.

Call us; we’re positive we can help!


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