B2B2C Is The New Marketing.

It’s happening; traditional B2B companies are experiencing a disruption in their industry. Even if you work in centuries-old container shipping company, own a small local manufacturing company or manage a print shop – every industry is going through change. And, it’s not from your competition! Technology disruption comes from your customer and employee behaviour and values. Your client’s buying pattern is different; they are now looking for your products and services online, comparing prices, and demanding personalised services.

The question you need to ask, now what?

Digital Marketing Plan

You’ll need a digital marketing strategy that will engage with your audience with real-time conversations, set no boundaries for your brand and technology, and how we start with the seven pillars of Digital Marketing, which looks like a traditional marketing plan using different words, but I digress.

  1. Plan: Create a strategic roadmap
  2. Reach: Build brand awareness
  3. Interact: Engage, Act, Experience, Content
  4. Convert: Build multi-channel sales funnel
  5. Engage: Content, events, promotions and other tactics to build customer loyalty and retention
  6. Brand: During this program, we will develop your build, increase brand visibility.
  7. Ongoing Management:

Digital Marketing Services:

  1. Platform play: In this strategy, we’ll engage on social media platforms with your customers and suppliers with the goal to build increased communication and product value so clients and vendors can interact more directly with each other and benefit from your network.
  2. Digital goods: We’ll create e-books, checklists and webinars are top-rated offerings and can provide a valuable resource to convert visitors into sales leads.
  3. Content Marketing Program: We work with you to create original content, creatives, videos and lots of other goodies your customers will eagerly digest, like and continue to happily receive.
  4. Re-bundling and customising: If you have lots of high content, we use re-bundle your products or services to serve your existing customers better.

During the planning stage, you may discover that you’ll need a complete rewrite of your website – we do that too! Contact us – info@themarketingboutique.net!