Problems We Solve

We help businesses develop the right strategy when competition is fierce; we create brand differentiation when stuck as a me-too company, and for those who have a bright vision, think big, live large, we’ll tell your story. We’ll help you answer those tough strategy questions when everyone else is, looking up.  Our writing skill will bring your brand benefits to life, improve lead generation, and create elegantly written newsletters that you’ll be proud to publish, and your readers will happily welcome week after week. We discover hard to find brand strengths and put these forces into words, words that will make your website visitor click!


Who’s a good fit?

  • You have an immediate priority such as improving your market presence.
  • Your marketing department is suffering from 100% turn-over.
  • You are about to launch a product or location and need help in creating a Promotional / PR program.
  • Your industry has become very competitive, and you need to improve your brand image, create competitive positioning and re-educate the market of your product and service benefits.
  • You have no or weak communication programs or need help in writing content for your blog.
  • You need someone to rewrite your website, brochure or other marketing materials.


Let’s start with a chat.

You can reach me here: Cecilia@themarketingboutique.net! During our initial consultation, you’ll find out whether we’re a good fit for you and your company.


Where Next?

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