We do just one thing.

Help your business become a leader. 

We’ll start by building trust in our marketing communication services with honest insight on what we can and cannot do.

As a company, The Marketing Boutique provides marketing strategy planning, and the full gamut of communications services – an integrated marketing and communications approach supported by 15 years in B2B and B2C industries as well as and current market techniques. We help to create exciting brands that will make you stand apart from your competition! We achieve this by writing engaging and relevant content for your targeted audience, develop integrated marketing strategies to improve company growth and design communication programs you can use, these are the things that matter to today’s young businesses.

We’ve worked in beauty, wellness, health, fitness, nutrition, manufacturing, software, e-commerce and pharmaceutical industries. Companies that need persuasive copy writing for their website or improved market planning, understanding and control of their online marketing programs come to The Marketing Boutique.

Aside from the strategic marketing and communications agency work, we also function as an educational resource for entrepreneurs, small business, and young marketing professionals. We offer free marketing tools and resources from our blog, annual reports, articles and newsletter as well as online courses and e-Books that talk about brand development, event planning, leadership, strategy implementation and communications.

The Marketing Boutique is women-owned, 100% virtual and promotes to be a socially conscious company.

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