Secrets of a Stingy Blog

secrets of a stingy blog

When I meet clients to discuss their business blog, they are usually frustrated by the lack of interest and engagement their customers and audience have with their content.

I can certainly understand their disappointment.  After all, with all the hard facts and positive reviews about the value of content marketing and how it can short the sales cycle, increase lead generation, why then it is more difficult for some companies to develop a successful content marketing program?

The number one reason is when content is stingy.

Stingy Content

Stingy content happens when you’ve convinced yourself that there is nothing new to discuss, the industry is slow, lacks innovation or too competitive, or you are worried about giving away content to help the competition – for free.  The list is long and minds closed to even the brain-storming process, an important step to develop a wide-reaching editorial content.

As a result, business blogs can be boring.

So how can business not have a stingy blog? Here are my seven tips:

Develop Leadership Thought

This usually works when a president or someone in senior management has a natural talent to discuss wider topics, such as what the industry is doing about the environment, how mentorship programs work for their company, a review of the industry’s past and future success and other leadership style thinking.

Brand a Process

Does your business focus on customer service or lean manufacturing, then brand it and write about this specialty. While these types of specialties can be a challenge to promote in traditional marketing tactics, in your content marketing program these services will help to differentiate your company.  By creating a brand around this service, process or philosophy, it will allow you to expand your blog’s content.   Create a logo, a diagram showcasing the process and add posts on the development of this brand product.

Think Like A Magazine

We have many fashion magazines and they all have a place in their industry. Each month they have the capacity to publish tons of content. Their magazine includes features, opinions, trends and tips. They put the reader first, as so should you when setting up your blog. Who are you writing for and when do they want to read?

Integrate Content To Sales

Develop specific content that follows closely to your sales funnel. Where are your readers versus your newsletter list in your sales funnel? Once decided, develop content based on their position. From awareness, interest, competitive positioning, to the preferred supplier, your content is a powerful tool that will help to shorten your sales cycle and even close the deal.

Commit to Original Photos

One of the easiest investments and will go a long way for your blog’s popularity.  Commit to developing a robust database of original and personal photos just for your company blog. Hire a professional photographer; they are affordable!  Photos should include trade shows, client events, company family style outings, product launches, reception area and more.

Agree to Its Purpose

This should be #1, but usually, when a blog has no internal support, it will show externally.  Before you launch your business blog, make sure you have senior management’s commitment and agreement on content and editorial line-up.   Agree to its purpose, why does your company need a blog?  Don’t go and build your content marketing alone; it will show.

Look Out

Take inspiration from your favorite blogs outside of your industry, like inviting guest bloggers, showcasing other blogs and having the occasional contest.  Just brainstorming here, for your business blog you can encourage a trade journalist and give five questions to answer or showcase one of your employee’s personal blog.

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