Welcome to C3MTL

Commerce and Creativity Series

Last year the creatives in Montreal got together with commerce and created the C2MTL conference. And, since I was not invited to speak at this conference, I wrote a series of posts that provided my own creative answers to a few commerce questions, such as:

Once again, the C2MTL 2014 is upon us and yes, while I am disappointed in not being considered to be a part of their speaker list, I will once again offer a series of my own creative answers to a few commerce questions.

I’ve haven’t really nailed down all the topics, at this moment this is what I think I will write about. Please note that topics may change without notice. By the way, I’m calling this series of posts C3MTL.

  • Turn your inspiration into concrete initiatives
  • Discovering local solutions with global appeal
  • How hiring the right person can make you lots of money
  • How to compete when Andy Warhol designs a breakthrough ad
  • Get your company creatively hot! A lesson from C2MTL and why they don’t invite a few unknowns to speak.


We invite creative, tech savvy, geeks, graphic artists, mommy bloggers, crafters, B2B businesses and other marketing and sales professionals to give their own creative solution to a particular commerce question. Contact us at info(at)themarketingboutique.net.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Your thoughts?

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