5 Publicity Tips To Help You Launch Your Consumer Product

Get found in a sea of digital communications

Do you have a tight budget? Find yourself with no media contacts with little to no brand visibility? As a start-up, you are probably wearing multiple hats, from buyer, QA, designer to being your own publicists! Where do you start as you closely approach your launch date? 

Here are five tips to help you promote your new fashion line:

  1. Social media: is an incredible tool for creative professionals, allowing you to share, connect and promote your products. This includes creating a blog and building your fan base on Pinterest and Instagram, two platforms that are very popular with fashion lovers. The internet is positively the best outlet for fashion based brand building.
  2. Connect with your favourite fashion magazine: As you read this post, you probably also have your favourite fashion magazine on your lap!  If you do, then get to know the magazine, who are the editors and topics covered. Once you’ve done this, introduce yourself, your brand, send your press release and remember to follow-up.
  3. Go local: Sure I said hit the social media circuit but at the same time, connecting locally with your target market and the media is a very strong tactic all public relations firms do. They start locally and move out. It is easier to get coverage this way and then you can leverage this press for more press at a wider scale.
  4. Spend money on the right stuff: Quality images of your products, line sheets and dedicated press samples of your products that you will send to your favourite fashion magazine.  
  5. Get creative: Speaking on spending money on the right stuff, you’ll need an impressive brand image for all your social media outlets as well as, if budget permits invest in a Lookbook or at the very least a few fashion photo shoots. If you don’t have the budget, then consider working with a popular fashion blogger.

Your thoughts?

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