Five real-time marketing tips for your business or shop

Hashtag-The-Marketing-BoutiqueOn the social web, brands and fans can already engage with one another in real-time. They produce continuous dialogues of content, sharing and remixing through YouTube videos, memes, Facebook posts, commenting, tweeting, etc. So, the real-time social media content challenge obviously isn’t due to a lack of content; rather, the challenge lies in determining how best to use personalized, real-time content in valuable, relevant, and timely ways.

Here are five real-time marketing tips you can easily implement today.

  1. Continually scan the social sphere to find trending topics that can relate to your brand and audience. 
  2. Focus on a particular topic or interest as a company (think extreme sports with red bull). Perhaps leadership or local arts and if you can combine this interest with trending topics can make for a strong real-time engagement activity.
  3. Yearly Announcements: Each year Pantone announces the color of the year while Oxford English Dictionary introduces new terms and
  4. Personal Events, Company Contests, Product Launches and Trade shows: These make for great real-time engagement activities. Take photos and distribute these fresh, ‘at that moment’, don’t wait for the event to be over!
  5. Add Hashtag:  Hashtags will share your content by grouping the same Hashtag. While a Hashtag that is unique to you or your business may not have the same level of popularity because it will not be grouped, but it is still good to create one. Remember not to use more than two hashtags, it makes it less inviting to read when there are too many hashtags.

Your thoughts?

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