Facebook for B2B Success eCourse

The Marketing Boutique Launches its “Facebook for B2B Success” eCourse, Free.

Montreal, 6 June 2013 – The Marketing Boutique, a growing strategic consulting company, announced today the launch of its free e-course called, FACEBOOK FOR B2B SUCCESS.

The Facebook for B2B Success is delivered through a series of emails to provide you a convenient learning experience.  Designed specifically to help B2B businesses kick-start their brand presence on Facebook and full of value-packed content including brand development, lead generation, applicable technologies and best practices which can be used for any social media platform.

Theresa states, “We decided to offer this e-course free because it is geared as an educational tool.  It is a great starting point for any company that has either stalled or wants to know the level of time they should put into Facebook.

Facebook for B2B Success is a 5-day course, delivered via email each day, it has a lesson followed by a task designed to encourage the student to put into place all the necessary activities to build their audience and a strong brand presence.

To learn more about or subscribe to the Facebook for B2B Success: visit THIS PAGE!

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The Marketing Boutique
The Marketing Boutique is a growing, most experienced and customer focused one-to-one marketing company, with a strong staff network in Canada and USA.  We offer our clients with a full range of strategy and market development, consulting and interactive services to deliver profitable programs and strong customer relationship.

Theresa Perin
The Marketing Boutique

6 thoughts on “Facebook for B2B Success eCourse

    1. It can be. The one area where we would put a stronger emphasis is on promotions for a retail shop. Just by Facebook’s demographic, shops should do very well on this platform, whereas the “one-on-one” that social media requires most of time doesn’t fit with B2B.

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