Small Business Leadership Personality

Working with several companies I found that when there is a lack of vision for a company is usually the result of staying too focused on reaching a single monthly sale quota. 

This is the only important factor that the company is basing its success, what are their monthly numbers.

Of course, we do that too here at The Marketing Boutique but this is part of a larger plan, which includes company and personal goals and from time to time, we also check our path to see if we are on track, forks in the road and the path not taken vis-à-vis our vision. 

Lack of vision is boring.

Vision builds brands!

Small Business Leadership:

  1. Stubborn:  You continue to believe that the promotional efforts you did 10 years ago was better than this year without taking into account global recession, competitive growth, technological advancement (which affects the prospective client’s needs) and of course, the changing needs of the prospective client.  Change: Do a solid market review to help you measure your promotional efforts.   
  2. Stuck:  You firmly believe in the process, almost to the point that you can get stuck on terms.  You even expect everyone to learn these terms, convinced that this makes for a better running company.  But this doesn’t leave any room for brainstorming, open platform for discussion or free forum of ideas to flow in the boardroom. Change: Try to loosen your tight process and invite your staff to send their ideas.  Take advantage of the free flow of ideas and make sure you say thank you.
  3. Single:  Probably the worst of all offenders is going it alone.  One of my favourite sayings is, ‘follow your betters’; meaning large companies thrive on learning, keeping up-to-date, and learning from each other, ergo the board members.  Change:  Invite like-minded companies to be part of your board.  
  4. Negativity:  To be in business is to be an optimist.  Change: Thank your staff, smile and walk away when you are negative.  You will get more from your employees with a bit of honey than a gallon of vinegar.
  5. Lack of Learning:  It is very important to keep learning in business.  It is as easy as buying a book and as affordable as taking an ecourse like our Branded! ecourse or as fun as joining an association.  Change: Invest in your best people. 

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