3 Steps to Save Your Social Media Programs

Usually when a company is not seeing results from their social media program it is because of undefined objectives and a better understanding of how to use some of these platforms is required.


What Social Media Can Do For Your BrandLike standard marketing objectives, social media programs can be built to develop brand leadership, increase lead generation and create a sales channel.  However, to meet any of these objectives does require a different set of tactics.  First, let’s take a look at the chart to give you an idea of the goals you can achieve with your social media program.  This chart is from our post called, What Social Media Can Do For Your Brand.  It is a good read, you should check it out!

Now that you have a clear and achievable objective for your social media program, let’s review the 3 steps to save your social media program.

1.  Activity Build Your Community

It starts with the basic.  Learn the tool, get a solid understanding of how to use one platform, build the community around this platform and then measure the results with your effort and program’s goals. 

Of course, it is always nice to get a large following.  However, there is no right number of followers nor should a large following be an objective, after all, what’s to measure?

You have 16,362 followers, what does that mean if no one is listening to your message?  It is better to have 100 engaged followers that want to hear your message as opposed to having 1,000 followers just for the sake of having 1,000 followers. 

Building a good community is an engaged community.

Commit to at least 6 to 9 months to develop your first feed and really evaluate the results of your efforts on this feed before moving on to another one.

And, finally the community you are building should match your objective.  For example, if you want to increase sales, then you should actively search for your target market and give them a shout out, follow them, comment on their blog and so on to build a relationship with them.

2.  It Requires Time to Build the Right Community

It take time to build your community, the right community.  Our second reason when a social media program is unsuccessful is usually because no one is putting in the time.

Be ready to spend about 2 hours every single day to build your platform, even on weekends!  We suggest to dedicate your 2 hours on one single platform, like Twitter or Facebook.  Once you’ve built this platform, you then move on to a second platform, always making sure any platform you’ve chosen is a good fit for your company.  Once your corporate feed is built, you can reduce your time to 30 minutes – 1 hour a day.

Plus, you can automate some of your posts and tweets but as we’ve mentioned it over and over, you will still need to be online to ‘build engagement’ with your community.

Follow the rule of thirds: 1/3 of the time you posts your content, talk about yourself and self-promote your product and services; 1/3 of the time is for your followers where you thank someone, comment, link back, answer a question, retweet and give a shout-out and 1/3 of the time is aimed at specific users, this is where you want to build your targeted customer and community.

3.  Original Content

Content should be based on your objective and written with your audience in mind.  Again, if it is to increase sales, then develop contests, exclusive promotions on your feed and anything that will help you stand apart, say offer dedicated hours where you will be online to answer any question.

Remember, you need to build the relationship to sell your wares.  Social Media is about building your community building not straight selling.

It is also best to post different content in different platforms.  Especially if you have the same followers on different platforms, you will need to add more creative and distinct content per platform.  To help you out you can hire a writer to write posts and organize your tweets and posts. 

Send us a question on social media and we will answer one question per month on our blog!  Your’s may be next!

Your thoughts?

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