I’ve been asked to give a couple of social media marketing proposals this week for hopefully 2 new clients, wish us luck!  At the same time, this got me thinking, “how silent is social media?”

Outside of videos on Youtube, most of the other platforms seem to create a tunnel vision, like the race blinders horses wear on a track.   

What we read and more importantly, how we interpret the content is how or what kind of personal relationship we are having – at that time – with that product or person. Interpretation on what we read and is left up to us, just us…

To increase our tunnel vision, most of the comments on blog posts are merely a SEO tactic, not really requiring us to respond in an engaging and truthful way.  If you are not Coca-cola or a product for a mommy, Facebook does present a limitation in finding your target market. 

Yes, we all love Pinterest and it is not that difficult to get followers but it is one of the platforms that offers the least social engagement opportunity.  I’m not talking about that you find pretty photos and how these photos make you feel.  What I’m talking about is that there is no two-way conversation.       

So, if you are an e-commerce site and you want to have better control over the sales process, which social media platform would be the best fit for your goal in increasing sales?

Or, perhaps you should change your goals to fit the medium?

Happy marketing!

About the Author theresaparis1

Administrative Support for The Marketing Boutique, love my job!

Your thoughts?

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