Marketing Strategies for Boutiques

I’ve hesitated on writing this post mainly because one size (marketing strategy) does not fit all.  To present the right strategy or strategies for a shop involves analysis, research and review on a variety of components, which obviously can’t happen with a blog post.


Is there a strategy that is just designed for retail and no other industry can use?  The short answer is no.  A marketing strategy is either niche, penetration, differentiation, etc.

And, any of these strategies are applicable to your business based on analysis, research and review on a variety of organizational components, such as competitive analysis, product choice, economics and business conditions, technology as well as your available resources.

And today’s successful retailers compete using more than one strategy and more importantly, being on all sales channels. If you’ve read a blog that says – do this and then do this and then do this – this is a to-do list – not a strategy.

But a strategy needs a plan.


A properly developed marketing plan can accomplish a lot for a relatively small amount of time and effort.  It stimulates thinking and can help you better use limited resources.  Most importantly, it acts as a road map.


If you are in the planning stages of a new shop, a marketing plan will help you become aware of any problems ahead.  Start with your financial analysis, monthly revenue, break-even point and how much marketing dollars you will need to build your retail brand.

Clear cut Target Audience

Go as deep as possible with your target audience, add as much information you can on who is your possible client, include personality elements, music and favourite social media platform. This will help you create the right promotion as well as keep you focused when defining your categories.

Category Development  

This should be developed based on what your competitors are carrying, trends and what your target audience wants as well as items that will make you unique. Category development should also be developed as impulse, trends and staple items.


This could be due to any number of issues.  Leadership, location, product choice or staff training. This can suggest that you don’t need a marketing plan but rather you need to implement the 120 day program where you only do activities that will generate sales or increase cash-flow.  

Intuitively, even without a marketing plan you may recognize some of the problems and opportunities.  However, without question, the more developed and analysis you do and the better your plan is prepared, the more you will understand what’s ahead, the potential pitfalls and what can be done about them.

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4 thoughts on “Marketing Strategies for Boutiques

  1. I love the idea of a personal shopper right in the store. In fact, I have a friend who has a consignment store with amazing software where she keeps details for every customer. If you can afford the database, wow what a service to provide.


  2. Therry, I find that many boutiques are still using old/traditional advertising and marketing strategies and techniques. Many times a new approach can turn around slumping sales by employing newer social, local, and/or mobile marketing approaches :-)

    Thanks for your insights and suggestions,

    ~Coach Mark Edward Brown


    1. Thanks for your comment Mark,

      But there is no old strategy, it either works for a company or it doesn’t. As I said, it requires an analysis. What you’ve highlighted are not strategies but promotional vehicles and as mentioned in the post, successful retailers employ all sales channels, which mean social, local and mobile.



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